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  This certificate could be yours !

B”H  __________ 5782, the Shmita Year


With praise and gratitude to God


This is to certify that



purchased one square meter of land

in the Land of Israel

on the grounds of the Mikveh Israel agricultural school

Bloc _______  Lot _______.


The acquisition followed all halakhic requirements

and remains in effect from the 1st of Tishrei 5782

through the 29th of Elul 5782. 

Since this lot will not be cultivated in any forbidden way during shmita,

the purchaser has the merit of beautifully keeping the mitzva of

“In the seventh year you shall let it rest and lie fallow.” 

With the help of God, the purchaser’s family will

see the fulfillment of the verse, “I will send you My blessing,”

be showered with all the blessings, spiritual and physical,

and merit seeing the complete redemption, speedily and in our day. Amen.