How Does It Work?

Vector tree

1. The first step was the founding of the organization, Shmita 5782.


2.  Next, the organization bought agricultural land from the Mikveh Yisrael agricultural

school in Holon. In the summer of 5781, this land was planted with vetch (animal fodder).

Before Rosh Hashana 5782, these plants will be harvested and their seeds will be sold to farmers

who raise animals. During shmita 5782, the land will lie fallow. Nothing whatsoever will be planted there,

and no forbidden agricultural labors will be performed.


3. The land was bought under the supervision of rabbis and lawyers. The rabbis are Torah scholars with expertise in both the laws of shmita and the laws of property. The lawyers are Torah-observant Jews

who are committed to halacha, and are experts in property law.


4. Any Jew in the diaspora who wants to observe the mitzva of “In the seventh year you shall let it rest

and lie fallow” can buy a square meter (or more) of land, and receive a certificate attesting to his

ownership of the land.


5. A video camera will be live streaming, so every buyer can watch the land at any time throughout

the year and confirm that no agricultural work is being done.


6. During the year, the organization will make available classes on its website about shmita.

Some will be articles, and some will be videos.


The organization will run programs designed to bring together participating shuls and schools in the

diaspora with shuls and schools in Israel. It will allow them to get to know each other in the context of

this important project, strengthening their relationships witheach other and with the Torah.

This initiative will also allow people thinking about aliya to make initial connections with

people already in Israel.


7. After shmita, the land will be sold back to the Mikveh Yisrael agricultural school.