Our holy Torah commands us to separate terumot and ma’asrot (tithes).


The verse states, “You shall certainly tithe (aser te’aser).”

Our Sages offer a homiletic explanation.

Based on the repetition in the Hebrew, they declare:

“Give one tenth (aser) in order to become wealthy (titasher).”


True, according to the simple reading of the text, this refers to tithing the fruits of the Land;

however, our Sages expand both the obligation and the promise to giving money as well.


Shmita 5782, run by Torah-observant Jews, has committed itself to donating ma’aser

one tenth of all its profits – to charity.


The money will be given to organizations that are supportive of the initiative and that are helping to market it.


Each buyer can decide which organization (from our list) he wants the ma’aser to go to.


If the organization to which you would like to donate is not on the list,

feel free to contact us, explain why you would like it added, and request that we do so.