Our Goal

The Purpose of This Initiative is to Benefit You!

Our holy Torah includes mitzvot which relate to thought (“Remember this and keep it firmly in mind”),

speech (“You must then say”), and action (“Make an altar of stone for Me”).


Obviously, the mitzvot which depend upon being in the Land of Israel can only be fulfilled in the Land.

Since shmita is among these, it would seem at first glance that anyone living

abroad cannot possibly fulfill the mitzva.

Not anymore!

The Shmita 5782 organization was established in order to allow you, a Jew living in the diaspora,

to fulfill the mitzva of “In the seventh year you shall let it rest and lie fallow.”


By buying a piece of agricultural land in Israel which will not be worked during shmita,

you too can fulfill this mitzva even if you do not live in Israel.


The idea is the brainchild of the kabbalist, Rabbi Dovid Cohen shlita, and is being implemented under

the supervision of rabbis who are experts in the laws pertaining to shmita and the sale of land.


Land has been bought from Mikveh Yisrael, an agricultural youth village.

Its students will take an active part in preparing the ground and studying the laws of shmita

throughout the shmita year.


We are confident that by fulfilling this mitzva you will accrue heavenly merit,

strengthen your connection to the Land of Israel, and speed up the arrival of the complete redemption.

I want to participate in the mitzva of shmita