Rabbis Supporting

Rabbis Supporting

12 Sivan 5781

To our dear brethren living in foreign lands:

The shmita year is approaching, and we are overjoyed and excited. We have a tremendous privilege, a privilege our ancestors could only dream about. We have the good fortune of living in the Land of Israel, and joyfully observing the mitzva of shmita.


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Dear Friends,

Torah MiTzion has been sending shlichim to the Diaspora for the past 25 years. A significant element in Torat Eretz Yisrael are the mitzvot Ha’tluyot Ba’aretz. While these mitzvoth can be fulfilled only in The Land of Israel, in the upcoming Shmita year you will be able to keep the mitzvah of “But in the seventh [year] you shall release it and abandon it” (Shemot 23:11).


To whom it may concern,

I highly recommend to participate in Rabbi Tsurel's project regarding the rewarding the Jewish people abroad in the Mitzva of Shmita.There is a big spiritualimportance in holy partnering in such importance Mitzva of the Shmita. 


A Writeup of a Talk by Rabbi Yaakov Yosef Cohen

Greetings to our brethren throughout the world, Who populate the planet,

And introduce sanctity and purity wherever you are. You are in the west,

but your hearts are in the east. East is the Land of Israel.